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We have implemented              system-wide safety measures.

Providing Virtual Care

We are providing telehealth screenings. 

Mandatory Masking

All who enter our facilities are required to wear a mask. 

Limiting Visitors

Our policies have changed.                   View visitor guidelines.

Ensuring Social Distancing

Waiting is not allowed in common areas or lobbies and social distancing is encouraged.  

Continuous Infection Prevention

We have ongoing cleaning measures to ensure safety.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

All staff and clinical providers have been supplied with PPE. 

Cleaning Protocols

  • Providing hand sanitizer to guests and staff members in all facilities.
  • Cleaning and sterilization protocols meet or exceed national guidelines for COVID-19 in the health care setting.
  • Following recommended guidelines for the number of air changes per hour in each room, between procedures, when the room has been used by an infectious patient (such as COVID-19 patients).
  • Following enhanced infection prevention cleaning and sterilization protocols.
  • Using EPA-approved disinfection/cleaning supplies.
  • Using comprehensive, multi-step checklists to clean patient rooms between each visit and at the end of the day in all our facilities.
  • Using detailed checklists to ensure staff members are aware of and following cleaning requirements, including how to clean high-touch areas and all other surfaces, how to safely wear and remove personal protective equipment and how to use our UV light disinfection technology.
  • Cleaning all equipment according to manufacturer instructions.
  • CDC-recommended protocols are in place for cleaning and managing bathrooms, light fixtures, furniture, medical waste, laundry, food service utensils and other items.
  • Cleaning common areas to wipe down surfaces and shared objects between each use.




Screening and Testing

  • Pre-screening patients before appointments.
  • Conducting in-house COVID-19 testing and testing our employees as needed.



  • Requiring masks for all health care professionals, employees, patients and visitors inside facilities.
  • Outpatients and visitors must always wear a mask.
  • Inpatients must wear a mask anytime someone enters their room.
  • Providing a mask to patients who do not have their own.

Physical Distancing

  • Practicing physical distancing at all Chesapeake Regional Healthcare facilities and requiring masks for all employees, patients and visitors.
  • Keeping our waiting rooms spaced out and decluttered, removing magazines and extra chairs.
  • Placing markers on the floor to indicate appropriate spacing between patients waiting to register.
  • Reducing wait times to limit the number of people in waiting rooms.
  • Implementing thoughtful visitation policies.
  • Separating patients in our emergency departments by COVID-19 status.
  • One visitor or caregiver can accompany patients in need of assistance at their scheduled appointments.


  • We recommend telehealth appointments when appropriate for those who are unwilling to wear a face mask, have symptoms of an upper respiratory infection, have co-morbidities that do not require in-person care or are conducting annual wellness visits.
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Visitor Guidelines

Review our visitor guidelines before visiting our facilities.

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